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Analog Satellite Receiver

OrbiSat offers modern receivers for capturing open TV signalling retransmitted by national and foreign satellites.
The main models are: S2200plusII and S2500Compact Digital.

  OrbiSat S2200plusII

S2200plusII keeps all features from the S2200plus model, especially low power consumption when in stand by, and also adds new attributes. Among them is the possibility to choose a favorite channel to be the default each time the device is turned on.

It is used to receive analog signal from open TV that is retransmitted by national and foreign satellites, and stores up to 80 favorite pre-programmed channels.

It comes pre-programmed with 31 TV channels, 10 radio channels and one channel from Globo (80) with original audio, that is, one can watch the transmitted programming with original audio whenever featured by the TV broadcaster.

S2200plusII uses state-of-the-art technology for automatic control of power variations, managing an input power range of 80 Volts to 240 Volts.
S2200plusII keeps the distinctive OrbiSat receiver feature which allows more than one TV set to be connected to the device by means of remote extensions, while carrying the improvements developed by OrbiSat and currently used by others on the marketplace:

· accidental deprogramming protection;
· automatic capture of channel signalling depending on the type of LNB in use.

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Works with all kinds of LNB, LNBF (multipoint and sole point) and coaxial switches;
Intelligent programming of systems with LNB and LNBF. Standard programming for set up with any type of LNB, LNBF Multipoint and Monobloc through proper passwords;
Input frequency of up to 2050MHz (synthesized). It shows the captured frequency on the display;
Voltage of 80 to 240Vac (switched source);
SAT/TV function key;
AC OUTLET input;
Timer for 15 minutes to 9 hours;
Volume control;
MUTE function;
The most power-saving on the marketplace, since it uses only 1,3W in stand-by, while the average for the competitors’ equivalent devices is 14W. Tests conducted by USP's IEE+;
Intensity control on the display; the keys controlling channel capture adjust display intensity in standard operation.
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